Climate change simulator

Some CO2 is absorbed by carbon sinks, but some will remain in the atmosphere, more and more as our emissions grow, the ocean warms and acidifies and land respirates the carbon into the atmosphere.
Increased CO2 concentration increases the temperature, what in turn activates the climate change feedbacks, such as melting of Arctic ice sheet or more water vapor in the atmosphere, what leads to additional warming.

Yes, climate change mechanisms are REALLY sophisticated. That is why we have prepared the simulator, that will help you understand:

  • How much CO2 and in what activities do we emit?
  • How much CO2 will be absorbed by land and oceans?
  • How much CO2 will remain in the atmosphere and how will change its concentration there?
  • For how long our CO2 will stay in the atmosphere?
  • How climate feedbacks will affect the climate change?
  • How much, how fast and for how long will the Earth’s temperature grow?
  • How will the Earth’s future look like, when the temperature will grow degree by degree?
  • How much should we reduce the emissions to prevent the most risky climate destabilization?


Launch simulator

Wykonanie PONG, grafika GFX RedFrosch.

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